A new journey - ArnaldoRivera
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A new journey



An act of love, of freedom, of rural pride: ArnaldoRivera wines are the result of an official protocol signed between Terre del Barolo winery and a number of its grower-owner members with the aim of producing quintessential grapes and wines. 


The vineyards of origin are among the most prestigious on the Langhe hills. A resource that is encapsulated here in its ultimate expression of know-how and craftsmanship, where the purity of the single varietal is the absolute pinnacle, testifying to the unmistakeable identity of Piedmontese wines.


A unique, new journey through the eleven villages and native varietals in the Barolo winegrowing area – spread over just 20 km² – designed to reduce to a minimum any “background noise” – from the vineyard management, to the vinification techniques and woods used – so it is truly the wines and the land they come from speaking for themselves.


Keeping alive the tradition of a historic Barolo winery sixty years after the cooperative was set up, the ArnaldoRivera project is the way in which the families of grower members have chosen to thank their founder.

In a masterpiece of generosity and intuition – qualities which have always been inborn in the people of these hills – the “teacher” Arnaldo Rivera managed to unite many families under a common purpose: to produce a great wine that would add value to the community and the local area.