The man - ArnaldoRivera
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The man

Arnaldo Rivera was born on December 13th 1919 in Castiglione Falletto, a small village at the heart of the historic Barolo winegrowing area.
He was a local primary school teacher, mayor of his village for 36 years, and founder in 1958 of the Terre del Barolo winery,
which still today is the only direct cooperative wine cellar in the entire supply chain in the Barolo production area.
He lived through the hard times of the war in the front line, as well as the days of the liberation.
He and his wife Ester Rinaldi were not blessed with children. Arnaldo Rivera passed away on January 10th 1987,
after returning home from one of the winery’s many board meetings.


He began teaching at the primary school in Castiglione Falletto in 1949. For twenty-eight years this would be his main commitment: surrounded by the children, Rivera was simply the “Maestro”, in the broadest and deepest sense of the term.


In 1951 he was elected mayor of Castiglione Falletto, and this was to be the beginning of his direct political engagement on a local level with the young people in the village.

In subsequent elections he would always be voted in again with a large majority, and for thirty-six years the town hall was to be his second home.

Over and above the achievements of his administration, Rivera remains an example of a mayor whose roots were firmly embedded in the local community. A focal point capable of administering for the general good with wisdom, precision and authority.

He had entered into the hearts of the people.


Castiglione Falletto, December 8th 1958

The reasons that led Arnaldo Rivera to envisage a cooperative winery in Barolo are associated with his profound understanding of the particular characteristics of the area and its people, combined with great foresight and a desire for social justice.